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Creative Headshots: Showcasing your personality

Headshots don’t have to be boring! If you’re looking to showcase your personality and stand out in your industry, a creative headshot/ creative personal branding session might be just what you need. So, what are creative headshots and why should you consider one?

What are creative headshots?

Creative headshots are portraits that break away from the traditional, formal headshot mold. They’re more relaxed, show off your personality and may incorporate elements of your personal style or environment. The goal is to create a photo that makes you memorable and showcases what makes you unique.

creative business portrait photos done by ME Photography photography studio in Nelson Bay Port Stephens

Why choose a creative headshot? A creative headshot can help set you apart from the crowd. With so many people having similar looking headshots, a creative one can help you make a lasting first impression. Whether it’s for a website, social media or even a business card, a creative headshot can help you be recognized and remembered.

example of creative headshot image for Christine Blosdale

Tips for getting a great creative headshot:

Here are some tips to help you get a great creative headshot:

creative branding shoot port stephens nelson bay
  1. Choose a backdrop that reflects you: Headshots can be taken in the studio or on location. Whether it’s your favourite coffee shop, a park or even your home office, choose a location that gives you a backdrop that feels like you. It can be a bold- different colour backdrop, or in a place that represents your business.
  2. Incorporate your personal style: Use props or accessories that are a part of your everyday life and show off your personality or work environment.
  3. Have fun with poses and expressions: Don’t be afraid to try different poses and expressions. A relaxed, natural look is often more appealing than a stiff, formal pose.
  4. Work with a photographer who gets you: A talented photographer can help bring your creative headshot to life, but make sure they understand your vision and can help showcase your unique personality.
smile in headshot images to create a creative fun look
creative personal branding shoot done by ME Photography photography studio in Nelson Bay Port Stephens

In conclusion, creative headshots are a fun and personal way to showcase your individuality in a professional setting. Don’t be afraid to step outside of the box and embrace a fresh approach to your headshot. You never know, it might just be the thing that sets you apart and makes you unforgettable!

Examples of creative headshots with different backdrops:

You can add a different look and get creative for your headshots by choosing a different backdrop:

creative headshots with a funky backdrop

The most common neutral- most used backdrops for headshots are white, grey ( in different shades) and black. They are powerful for headshots and there is a lot to do with choosing the right backdrop. Read more about the different backdrop choices here.

creative personal branding shoot

If you like a creative approach you can choose for a backdrop that stands out, a different colour, a pattern or adding a digital background. Read more about adding digital backgrounds to your headshots in this blogpost.

corporate headshot photography example with a deep etched headshot
Here an example of adding a digital background to your headshot image. This is all done in photoshop so you don’t need to go anywhere!
different backdrop for your creative headshot

A Personal Branding shoot can create a range of creative images for you!

Check out Chris’ shoot from Dutchies Design

Chris is an amazing graphic designer- owner of Dutchies Design, she is super creative so she wanted to reflect that in her images: showcasing creativity and what she does. Check it this studio creative headshot session for her.

creative headshot photography by ME Photography photography studio in Nelson Bay Port Stephens
creative business portraits done in studio nelson bay ME Photography
review of a creative headshot session for Dutchies Design
 headshot photography in Port Stephens, nelson bay

ME Photography can help with your creative headshot!

Check out the work of ME Photography! I have created many creative headshot images for my clients. I would love to hear your ideas, know all about your style and branding and I will make sure your new images will be a perfect fit for your brand.

Whether you need a single headshot image or more images that reflect your business. Awarded AIPP NSW Best Professional and Commercial Photographer of the year, I love to help you with getting the very best images for your business.

creative business headshot photos done by ME Photography photography studio in Nelson Bay Port Stephens

Complimentary retouching of headshot images

Did you know that with every session you get complimentary retouching of your headshot images? Check out what this can do for you… No need to be afraid that you don’t look good in images… that is for sure!!

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