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Thinking of an elopement in Port Stephens?

Smaller weddings are a great way to celebrate!

How you can organise your Elopement in Port Stephens

Ron & Leanne’s elopement plans were only made a few weeks prior their elopement in Port Stephens.

Having a small wedding plan can be great as you can just do it in a blink.

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There are many reasons why more couples nowadays are ditching their big wedding plans and decide to go for an elopement instead. The idea of a small intimate wedding is attractive. Planning a big wedding can be stressful and ending up costly. Who are you inviting, what venue will be suitable for larger groups. Taking into account so many things for a traditional wedding an elopement seems to be so much easier- just you and your fiancé and maybe a few guests- exactly the way you want to do it!

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Port Stephens is a perfect place for an elopement, especially when you dream about getting married with your feet in the sand. This was definitely Leanne’s plan; when she rang me she just wanted things simple but fun. She had organised Denise Croft the celebrant and the date to come up to Port Stephens to elope, the wedding rings and that is it! We chatted about all the opportunities and locations that where ideal for eloping in Port Stephens- with so many beaches to choose from you really can’t go wrong can you?

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Unfortunately the weather became a little unstable in the week leading up to their elopement and last minute a wet weather elopement plan had to be made… Thanks to the amazing help of Little Beach Boat House the wet weather elopement back up plan was made. Ron & Lee could use the deck and the room inside prior to them opening for lunch time. How great was that!!

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There were only 5 people present at their elopement; Ron & Leanne, Ron’s friend as a witness, Denise the celebrant and me as their photographer and I had the absolute honour to be their witness for the elopement too! How amazing was that to sign the official documents too after this amazing moment! All the official part of the elopement was done inside of Little beach boathouse, but we made sure that they could be with their feet in the sand on the beach for their elopement photo session.

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Looking for amazing florals for your elopement in Port Stephens?

Keeping things small for your wedding is great and wedding florals really add to the celebrations. These amazing native flowers from A Beautiful Occasion were just perfect! It was definitely the finishing touch for Ron & Leanne’s elopement.

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You got to watch the end of this video- laughs guaranteed ! behind the scenes of this elopement!

Two people in love and celebrating this with an elopement in Port Stephens. If you like to check out the behind the scenes of this elopement watch this video!

Laughs are guaranteed as we decided to burst the bubbles and capture the moment .. it only went a tiny bit wrong after many reminders not to aim the bottle at yourself.. poor Ron got a little wet.. it made the best fun memories to look back on, even in the moment it wasn’t the funniest moment for Ron – Sorry Ron…!

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champagne shot at wedding port Stephens

Looking for a photographer to capture your elopement ?

If you are looking for a photographer to capture your elopement, reach out to me! I love to hear all about your plans and I am happy to help you with organising it too! I know all local suppliers that can be helpful for your elopement plans. We can chat about great elopement locations in Port Stephens or if you like to elope somewhere else let me know as I am happy to travel to any great location!

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